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TV Premiere:
On Servus TV Austria on September 23rd at 9:10 p.m.
On Servus TV Germany on September 24th at 9:55 p.m.

"I want it to be over, that's why I'm getting vaccinated."



A documentary film by Patricia Josefine Marchart and Georg Sabransky

with committed people from the arts and culture:

Nina Proll, Miriam Stein, Til Schweiger, Nina Adlon, Felix Adlon, Eva Herzig, Christine Sommer, Dietrich Brüggemann, Leo Himmelbauer, Jess Oberbeil und Helmuth Thoma.

And doctors and scientists: David Martin, Katrin Skala, Ulrike Guerot, Martin Hirte, Christine Saahs, Reinhold Kerbl, Corinna Wilken, Martin Sprenger, Christian Schubert, Steffen Rabe, Christian Fiala, Veronika Himmelbauer, Andreas Sönnichsen, Eva Horvatic und Peter Kampits.


This 75-minute documentary is online.


A DIFFERENT FREEDOM - The Documentary Film

To travel again, to chill, to meet with friends, not to be afraid to hug grandma anymore, to go to school without a mask so that Distance Learning is over, to finally study at university normally again, to travel – all over the world, to party and dance the night away, that's what politics has been promising children and young people for weeks if they get vaccinated against Sars-CoV-2.

The handling of the Corona crisis has left many traces, especially among children and young people who are hardly affected by the Covid19 disease themselves. Is that fair?

How is it with young people who can choose to be vaccinated without parental consent from the age of 14? What if I don't want to get vaccinated?

Is vaccination a solution to the end of the pandemic? What are the side effects of vaccination in children and adolescents? What do the studies and experts say? Do I need to be vaccinated if I have already had Corona?

The contribution of childhood vaccination to herd immunity is small and complete herd immunity can never be achieved with this virus because:

  1. Vaccinated people can carry the virus in their throats;

  2. Animals also carry the virus;

  3. Not everyone will be vaccinated.


What are the collateral damages for children and adolescents, since the beginning of the pandemic, from the measures, from lockdown to the "New Normality"?

In Germany, Austria, and worldwide, adolescents and children are under enormous pressure to get vaccinated.
The Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO) at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommended corona vaccination only for children and adolescents with certain pre-existing conditions until August 15, 2021. Since August 19, 2021, the STIKO has also recommended vaccination for children and adolescents 12 years of age and older.  "The STIKO is expressly against making vaccination a prerequisite for children’s and adolescent’s social participation."

The city of Vienna invites people to vaccination parties - "We’re going to get vaccinated!"- and the German Red Cross advertises with: "Vaccination is Love"

So many people are afraid of getting sick, so many are afraid of getting vaccinated, so many are afraid of losing their freedom. Our society is experiencing an ever-increasing division. How will we ever understand each other again?

We made this film together with young people, doctors, scientists and committed people from the arts and culture to shed light on the most diverse positions and scientific information regarding vaccination for children, adolescents and young adults.

This film is about everything: About our children and their lives in the here and now and in the future; this film was made by people who take responsibility for it.

We are not beholden to anyone, no organization, no client, no media, no party – only to ourselves and our conscience. People have come together here, who critically illumine the topic – Corona vaccinations for children and adolescents from different perspectives.


A Schutzfilm production


This film was financed exclusively by donations.

So that we can work freely and independently. Please continue to support our projects!